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The NIX.CZ Association celebrates its 25th anniversary, offering its peering services in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna

Today, NIX.CZ, the Czech neutral peering node, and also one of the largest peering nodes in Europe, celebrates its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century ago, CESNET, CZECH ON LINE, Datac, GTS Czech Com, Internet CZ, Podnik výpočetní techniky,  IBM Czech Republic and SPT TELECOM were present at the creation of the Association. Currently, NIX.CZ has 65 members and connects 199 networks not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia (Bratislava) and Austria (Vienna).
"The establishment of the NIX.CZ Association is connected with the abolition of the state monopoly on business in electronic communications. Thanks to the liberalisation of the market, the first ISPs started their business and soon realised, it would be beneficial for business development to have a neutral entity that would serve as an interconnection and data exchange platform. This is how NIX.CZ was created, and has become one of the largest interconnection nodes on the old continent," said Adam Golecký, director of NIX.CZ, who has been working in the association for more than 13 years.
The NIX.CZ Association is behind a number of projects, the purpose of these is to develop the industry that forms the basis for digital economy in the modern age. One of the best known and most significant is the FENIX security project and the Bird Spy tool, which was introduced last year. Every year, NIX.CZ co-organises the international Peering Days conference for network specialists and data center operators, as well as a community meeting known as CSNOG.

NIX.CZ is once again offering cheaper and faster connection

At the June General Meeting of the NIX.CZ Association, Ondřej Filip, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented a new price list and novelties in terms of ports.

“Since the beginning of July we have introduced ports with new capacities. These new ports are in capacities of 25GE and 400GE. Companies connected with 10GE or 40GE ports will now be able to upgrade their capacities 2.5 times to 25GE and 100GE respectively, without an increase in monthly charges. 100GE port prices are newly reduced by 21%. The new price list is valid from July 1," explains Ondřej Filip.

"These changes were only made possible due to a substantial hardware upgrade which was carried out throughout the first half of this year mainly in our Bratislava and Vienna locations, as well as on our backbone switches in Prague. With the new switches we can offer new capacities like 25 GE or 400 GE. The 400 GE port sells for 3 350 EUR,” adds Adam Golecký, director of the NIX.CZ Association, which operates its peering services in Bratislava, Prague and Vienna.


The organizers of the CSNOG 2021 networking meeting are announcing a Call for Abstracts

Today, the organizers of the fourth year of the CSNOG 2021 community meeting of administrators of the Czech and Slovak networks announced a Call for Abstracts. Those interested in participating can submit their abstracts until August 31, on the event website. The Programme Committee, headed by Ondřej Caletka who has been elected a new chairman, will welcome contributions focused on network management, infrastructure or security. The organizers of the CSNOG 2021 event are the CESNET, CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ associations.

More information can be found in the press release on the CSNOG 2021 community meeting website.


Czech and Slovakian network administrators' community meeting — CSNOG 2021 — is going to take place on October 13 and 14

The fourth year of Czech and Slovakian network administrators' community meeting (CSNOG 2021) is going to take place online on October 13 and 14. Purpose of this event which is regularly visited by network specialists form all around the world is to facilitate sharing of experience and practical solutions that can improve quality of Czech and Slovakian networks and to share opinions on current network topics. The organizers are gradually going to provide more information community website and on social networks — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

Programmes of previous years consisted of topics regarding internet connecting on exchange points level, new telecommunication and network security tools or domain names system. Presentations and corresponding video records can be found on the meetings' websites: CSNOG 2018, CSNOG 2019 and CSNOG 2020.

Main organizers of CSNOG 2021 are the CZ.NIC Association, NIX.CZ and CESNET.


The latest issue of the NIX.CZ Newsletter has been published

The latest issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter informs about the first connection into the exchange via 400GE technology. Other news are then related to technological changes in NIX.SK and expansion into a Vienna data center. In the current newsletter, we also remember a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the association, Jaroslav Střeštík, and we inform that the next event of our traditional Peering Days will take place in 2022.