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Registration opens for the Peering Days 2022 in Athens

Network specialists from all over the world will meet for the ninth time at the traditional Peering Days conference. The event will take place on the dates April 26th - 28th and will be held in Athens, Greece. The conference organisers, NIX.CZ (Czechia), (Austria) and (Hungary) peering nodes, have published the conference website where all interested parties, such as network and datacenter administrators or IXPs , can learn about and register for the event. 

"The Peering Days conference will once again offer a number of interesting presentations, workshops or space for bilateral meetings. On behalf of the organisers, I would like to thank all partners who will support us this year and will help us produce an event in the format we are used to from the previous years. I look forward to meeting everyone in person again and sharing new experiences from our industry," said Adam Golecký, director of the NIX.CZ association


NIX.CZ and VNET: Making Slovak Internet more reliable by adding a new peering node for giants such as Google, Meta or Amazon

Working together with NIX.CZ Association, VNET has launched a project to increase the connection and data exchange reliability of its existing peering node. As part of the partnership between the two companies, a new active node has been created, making it possible to connect directly with major players such as Amazon, Meta (Facebook), Google, Akamai and Cloudflare. Slovak users will also appreciate the lower latency and reliability when accessing remote content. 

"I am extremely proud that we have been able to build, together with NIX.CZ, a new active node of the Slovak Internet Exchange, NIX.SK in our Digitalis data centre. Internet nodes connecting various networks are today undoubtedly considered a critical part of the infrastructure which, given the importance of a stable, secure and high-quality internet connection, must be protected from failure by all means possible," said the CTO of VNET Vojtech Németh.

“Every internet ecosystem benefits from offering a range of options. That is why we were happy to cooperate with VNET and expand our services in Slovakia by means of another connection option represented by this data centre," said Adam Golecký, director of NIX.CZ Association, which operates the NIX.SK project in the Slovak capital. "Last year, we replaced network technology at NIX.SK, which made the creation of a new active connection point much easier.”

Traditional peering nodes where data is exchanged between local providers are not exceptional in terms of network topology. It is all the more important to raise the quality and reliability of critical infrastructure to a new level, making it more attractive, directly accessible and open to the major players of today's digital space. 

"The new active location on the ‘other side of Bratislava’, separated by the river Danube, will ensure local geographical redundancy and thus enhance the stability of the Slovak Internet. Unlike a traditional node, which is operated in only one location, data is exchanged not just between local ISPs but we also directly connect increasingly more important global content providers,” Németh added. 

About VNET 

For almost 20 years, VNET has been providing comprehensive telecommunication solutions, from guaranteed internet connectivity to cloud services and including serverless computing, cybernetic security, system integration, voice VoIP solutions and home services. It operates its own fibre optic network and provides state-of-the-art technological space for client devices through three data centres. VNET’s strengths include its individual and proactive approach, 24/365 technical support and a fantastic team of IT enthusiasts. 

About NIX.CZ Association

For more than twenty-five years, NIX.CZ has been enabling Czech and foreign ISPs to interconnect their networks. In addition to its seven locations in Prague, the Czech neutral peering node now also provides its services in Vienna and Bratislava. This includes its own peering node NIX.SK, which now operates across three different locations in the Slovak capital.


The community meeting of Czech and Slovak network operators group will take place in the second half of June

This year’s community meeting of network operators from Czechia and Slovakia (CSNOG 2022) will take place on June 20 and 21 in Brno. The aim of the meeting is to enable the experts to exchange experience and share solutions that can improve the quality of Czech and Slovak networks, and discuss the current networking issues. More information and news will be gradually published by the organizers on the community website and on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

In 2018, the CSNOG (Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group) community meeting joined the ranks of other similar events that take place across the world. Usually, these are non-commercial professional meetings where Internet service providers (ISPs), CDN operators, representatives of hosting companies, network administrators, domain name registrars and those interested in Internet networks and technologies meet and hold public discussions.

The main organizers of the CSNOG 2022 community meeting are associations NIX.CZ, CZ.NIC and CESNET.


New cooperation between NIX.CZ and University of Žilina

The largest neutral peering node for the Czech Republic NIX.CZ, which also operates the Slovak exchange NIX.SK, has established a cooperation with the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina. This faculty, as one of the few in Slovakia, teaches students applied network technology, thus preparing future engineers for networking professions. The first step in a closer cooperation between the two institutions was the donation of the unused Nexus 7010 switches. These devices were donated by NIX.CZ representatives to the university’s teaching personnel to provide equipment for practical training.

"As part of the training course, colleagues from the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina place great emphasis on connecting network theory and practice, thanks to which students have the opportunity to observe network elements and work with them during their university studies. This approach corresponds with our values and attitude, which is why we decided to support the training of future network engineers by donating our Nexus 7010 switches," said Marian Rychtecký, Technical Director of NIX.CZ.

“Naturally, this is only the start of our cooperation. In the future, we expect to prepare joint projects related to the education of future network specialists, so that they get a good foundation for their future career. Cooperation with the academic environment has always been important for our association, " added Adam Golecký, director of the NIX.CZ association.

The Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of the University of Žilina is a modern university institute with more than thirty years of tradition. Almost 1,600 students are currently studying at undergraduate and graduate level, who attend twelve accredited study programs. The Faculty of Management Science and Informatics offers top education and research in the field of informatics, management, information and network technologies under one roof.

NIX.CZ has been associating Czech, and foreign Internet related businesses in order to mutually interconnect their networks for over 25 years. Access to the company’s infrastructure is enabled through seven collocations in Prague, three in Bratislava and one in Vienna.


The new issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter has been published

The latest issue of the NIX.CZ newsletter commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Czech neutral peering node NIX.CZ, congratulates Jan Gruntorád, one of the association's founders, on his induction into the Internet Hall of Fame, informs about the re-election of Ondřej Filip, Chairman of the Board of NIX.CZ, as Chairman of EURO-IX, and invites to the April Peering Days, which will take place in Athens, Greece.