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The first Route Server has been connected in NIX.SK to be used by all connected networks

The first Route Server has become publicly available in NIX.SK peering node, operated by the NIX.CZ Association. This server is a J-Root, which is globally operated by Verisign.  This company has been a long-term customer in NIX.CZ and its expansion to Slovakia is an outcome of a continual cooperation. 

"Until now, there was only a C-Root server deployed in Slovakia, operated by Cogent Communications. However, this server had not been connected to any peering nodes and its services could be used exclusively by customers of Cogent Communications. The advantage of a J-Root server is its direct connection to the peering node which enables access to all connected networks. In case of NIX.SK it is already 26 networks. All newly joined networks will have the possibility to use the Route Server services" said Adam Golecky, CTO of NIX.SK.


The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of our quarterly newsletter informs about our summer activities, such as the consolidation of our hardware. Furthermore you can read about the update of the Prague L-Root Server. The newsletter notifies also about the fourth annual Peering Days conference which will be held in Budapest, Hungary. Read more in the newsletter.


The next issue of NIX.CZ's newsletter has been published

The new issue of our quarterly newsletter focuses primarily on the activities related to the Slovak peering node NIX.SK and the security FENIX project. The readers are advised about NIX.CZ’s participations in various events as well as it brings a summary of newly connected networks in Prague and Bratislava nodes. Read more in the newsletter.


Slovak networks wish to cooperate to improve Internet security

In late June, the representatives of NIX.CZ, the Slovak cyber security team CSIRT.SK and a number of Slovak networks met in Bratislava to take part in the first working group and discuss issues related to the future development of the Slovak peering node NIX.SK and with the creation of the Slovak version of the FENIX security project.


During the working group, we presented the changes in the Slovak peering node NIX.SK and the FENIX security project. In regards to the latter, we then opened up a discussion about creating its version in Slovakia. We very much appreciate the interest shown by local operators in questions of Internet security and the fact that they don’t treat these issues lightly. On behalf of NIX.CZ, I would like to assure everyone that we are doing our best to meet these expectations, especially in terms of bringing about the creation of a Slovak version of the FENIX project,” said Martin Semrád, the Director of NIX.CZ Association, which runs the Slovak peering node NIX.SK.


The first working group was attended by the following companies and organisations: Orange, Benestra, Forpsi, Lightstorm, SK.NIC, Digi Slovakia, Slovanet, VNET, Netbox, Národná agentúra pre sieťové a elektronické služby [the Slovak National Agency for Network and Electronic Services], SITEL and NASES. The next meeting of the representatives of these and other entities interested in creating and participating in the FENIX Project is scheduled for late September/early October of this year. 


Representatives of NIX.CZ Association and the Slovak cyber-security team CSIRT.SK sign a memorandum on cooperation

The representatives of NIX.CZ Association, which runs the neutral peering node for the Czech Republic, and the Slovak national cyber-security team CSIRT.SK have signed a memorandum on cooperation. The two organisations will be cooperating primarily in the field of network security. Since March 2015, NIX.CZ Association has been running the Slovak peering node NIX.SK, which is one of the two internet exchange points in Slovakia. An additional area of cooperation is related to the FENIX security project, whose aim is to ensure that Internet services provided by the participating subjects remain available in the case of a DoS attack.

“The main goals of NIX.CZ Association are to operate Internet peering nodes and raise public awareness, especially around issues of network security. In the Czech Republic, we have been working very well together with the CSIRT.CZ security team, especially as part of various working groups. We would like to bring this successful form of cooperation to Slovakia,” said the Director of the Association Martin Semrád. „Among others, our Association would also like to offer the companies connected to the NIX.SK peering node to participate in the Slovak version of the FENIX security project. One of the conditions is having a dedicated security team -- the CSIRT.SK specialists can be a big help in creating one.”

“One of the main tasks of CSIRT.SK is to constantly improve the level of security of the Slovak digital space. We are trying to provide our clients with active and proactive services, which aim to secure the availability of the systems even in the case of large-scale attacks, by having a coordinated response to incidents on the national level. The FENIX Project has the potential to significantly aid our clients in securing the continuity of their services. We therefore welcome the initiative of NIX.CZ to bring this project to Slovakia and will be very happy to support it. The initiative will contribute to the building of the Internet security community in Slovakia,” said Petra Hochmannová, the Director of the Slovak special unit for solving computer security incidents CSIRT.SK.


CSIRT.SK (Computer Security Incident Response Team Slovakia) was founded by the Slovak Ministry of Finance. Its mission is to ensure an adequate level of security for the national information and communication infrastructure and critical information infrastructure. CSIRT.SK is also responsible for resolving security incidents and helping to deal with their consequences. These activities are carried out by working together with telecommunication operators, Internet service providers (ISP), other service providers and national authorities. In addition, CSIRT.SK works to raise awareness in the field of internet security; the unit actively cooperates with foreign organisations and represents Slovakia on the international information security scene.

About NIX.CZ Association

NIX.CZ Association brings together Czech and foreign Internet service providers for the purpose of interconnecting their networks. The association is currently the largest neutral IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in the Czech Republic and one of the ten largest IXPs in Europe. The smooth operation of the node is guaranteed through systematic planning, sophisticated technical solution and 24/7/365 technical support. Since 2003, the association has also been supporting Internet peering via the IPv6 protocol.

About the FENIX Project

The FENIX Project was founded by the Czech peering node NIX.CZ in 2013, as a reaction to a series of intense DoS attacks, which targeted a number of significant Czech media, banks and service operators in March 2012. The aim of the project is to guarantee that the services offered by the participating subjects remain available in the event of another DoS attack.

The FENIX Project is managed by its members themselves. These are independent of NIX.CZ Association and have absolute autonomy in decision making. The Project is aimed at companies who offer internet connection to key services and require that their functioning is guaranteed even in the most critical situations.